Batman Adventures # 25,  DC Comics

Brave Hearts: Extraordinary Stories of Pride, Pain, and Courage, Cynthia Brown

The Creech: Out for Blood # 1-3, Image Comics, Special Thanks

The Creech: Rage Against Death, Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel (Issues # 1 – 3), Image Comics

Elektra # 11, Marvel Comics

Fused Volume 1: Canned Heat, Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel (Issues # 1 – 4), Image Comics

Guns, Drugs, and Monsters, Book 2: Cal McDonald, Monster Hunter (Cal Mcdonald Mysteries), IDW Publishing

Savage Membrane: A Cal McDonald Mystery, IDW Publishing

Spawn: Angela’s Hunt, Trade Paperback/Graphic Novel (Issues # 1 – 3), Image Comics, Neil Gaiman (author), Greg Capullo (illustrator), Todd McFarlane (publisher)

Biography of artist Greg Capullo (inside back cover)

Spawn # 116, Image Comics

30 Days of Night, IDW Publishing